ABBSOLUTE, ABBASOLUTE or Absolute ABBA tribute; how its spelt

If you're looking for our ABBSOLUTE ABBA tribute show but you weren't sure how to spell it and ended up with search results for 'Absolute ABBA tribute', then you can find the correct band Abbsolute ABBA tribute show here. There are two Bs in ABBSOLUTE, the ABBA tribute show.

If you've searched for Abbasolute ABBA tribute (with an A after the two Bs), then that's nearly correct, ABBSOLUTE used to be called Abbasolute until 2018, but changed their name slightly as the real ABBA prohibit the use of trademark 'ABBA' in a tribute act's name. 'ABBA tribute' can be used as a secondary tag line, but not in the name of the act.

'Abbsolute' is trademarked in the UK; and owned by Sammy G, Agnetha in Abbsolute.

Whether you searched for ABSOLUTE ABBA tribute, ABBSOLUTE ABBA tribute, The ABBASOLUTE ABBA tribute show, Absolute Abba band or any other variant; then just so you know, our ABBSOLUTE ABBA tribute is available as either a 4 piece band or a duo (just two singers), and both perform their act as 'Abbsolute, ABBA tribute'.

Apparently there are a few acts calling themselves 'Absolute ABBA tribute', and there is also an album called "Absolute ABBA', so it can be problematic doing an internet search when looking for the real ABBSOLUTE ABBA tribute band and duo.

This is made even more complicated as sometimes Google Search autocorrects what it believes is a spelling mistake and shows results for Absolute ABBA tribute instead of ABBSOLUTE ABBA tribute.

Abbsolute (and formerly Abbasolute) have been performing their high-energy ABBA tribute show since 2009 and have firmly established themselves as one of the UK's most entertaining tributes to the globally popular supergroup.

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